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Marriott Marquis | Washington, DC | Sunday, January 28 – Wednesday, January 31, 2022

Speaker Laetitia Giansily-Doyle


Laetitia Giansily-Doyle

Development, Sales & Strategic Partnerships, North America

Terranoa-US Office

Based in Washington D.C., USA, Laetitia Giansily-Doyle joined Terranoa in 2011 and is responsible for sales and co-pros and for sourcing programming to add to Terranoa's growing catalogue for distribution to all media outlets around the world.

Laetitia has been working in the production and distribution industry for over 15 years, between France and the United-States, for both public and private medias, from independent producers to TV Channels. Her extended knowledge in international co-production led her to create her own consulting company in 2012, Giansily-Doyle Media Consulting LLC (GDMC) in parallel to the representation of Terranoa's catalog.

In 2015, she was the recipient of a TIVA Award "A Salute to Excellence in Media Distribution"

Laetitia is also the Vice President (and the Head of the DC Chapter) of the New York-based non-profit organization FRENCH IN MOTION that brings together French, European and American professionals from film, television and new media, looking to develop collaborations between Europe and North America.

TERRANOA is a French distribution company, based in Paris, part of Gedeon Media Group.

Their catalogue is rich and diverse, with over 2 500 hours of films aimed at the top end of the market.

Their preferred genres include history, science, wildlife, travel and adventure, and general factual entertainment series.

Speaking on: Meet the Distributors - TVF International, Syndicado, Terranoa

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