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Marriott Marquis | Washington, DC | Sunday, January 28 – Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Speaker Benjamin Field


Benjamin Field

Executive Producer

Deep Fusion Films

Benjamin Field is an award-winning producer and director with two decades experience in the development and execution of specialist factual and formats. He is known for his work on The Girl Who’s Allergic to Herself for Sky TV, My Life: I’m Leading the Dance for the BBC and is recognized as a technical pioneer for the inventive use of ‘deep fake’ technology in screen media showcased by the recent intimate ITV/Britbox feature doc Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted about the life of the brilliant yet troubled creator of iconic TV show, Thunderbirds. Whilst he continues to refine the process and as one of the only UK producers to have successfully used the technology in television and film, he is now working with PACT and Equity UK in an official capacity to help develop the framework, legislation and policy on the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in broadcast content.

Benjamin is a champion of diversity in the media industry and frequently appears as a guest on podcasts and BBC News as a trusted source for the latest thinking and insights on the application, potential and ethics of Artificial Intelligence within television and film. His new company, Deep Fusion Films, is a full-scale independent production company forged at the interface of technology, creativity and human stories.

Speaking on: AI…. Practically Speaking

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