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From its humble beginnings in 1999, the Realscreen Summit has, over the past 20 years, cemented its standing as the definitive global market and conference for the business of unscripted and non-fiction entertainment. For two decades, delegates from around the world have convened at the Summit to network with, and learn from the leading lights of the industry, making it a must-attend event for content creators, distributors, agents, commissioners and multi-platform broadcasters of unscripted and factual content.

From Albert Maysles to David Zaslav, the Realscreen Summit has featured the best and brightest business and creative minds in non-fiction entertainment, and for its 20th anniversary milestone edition, delegates can expect to be educated and inspired by an incredible array of thought leaders, deal makers and disruptors from within the industry and beyond. In addition, the Realscreen team, in conjunction with the Summit's advisory board and a special 20th anniversary executive committee, is crafting new content and networking initiatives that will make the event a fresh and vital experience for return attendees and first-timers alike.

The Realscreen Summit - helping you to "Reinvent the Real" for 20 years.

head shot of Cori Abraham
Cori Abraham
SVP, Development, Documentary & Crime
NBCUniversal Television and Streaming
head shot of Mallory Arkin
Mallory Arkin
Senior Manager, Unscripted Development
head shot of Avi Armoza
Avi Armoza
Armoza Formats
head shot of Solange Attwood
Solange Attwood
EVP, International
Blue Ant Media Inc
head shot of Alison Barrat
Alison Barrat
SVP, Production & Development
Love Nature
head shot of Alex Baskin
Alex Baskin
head shot of Zachary Behr
Zachary Behr
VP Programming
head shot of Tom Brisley
Tom Brisley
Creative Director
Arrow Media
head shot of Allison  Brough
Allison Brough
VP, Unscripted Development
Blink49 Studios
head shot of Meghan Cassin
Meghan Cassin
VP Content
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Julie Choi
Julie Choi
Agent, Unscripted Talent & Content
head shot of India Cohlmia
India Cohlmia
Unscripted Coordinator Paramount, Smithsonian, MTV Networks
MTV Networks
head shot of Brandy Crawford-Uriu
Brandy Crawford-Uriu
Executive Producer
A+E Networks
head shot of Laura Crowson
Laura Crowson
VP of Development,Vice President, Development for Discovery Channel, TNT and TBS
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Ashleigh DiTonto
Ashleigh DiTonto
SVP, Development
Trailblazer Studios
head shot of Havva Eisenbaum
Havva Eisenbaum
VP, Development, Unscripted
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Kelsey Espensen
Kelsey Espensen
Director of Unscripted Development
head shot of Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans
Executive Vice President, Non-Fiction Content
head shot of Phil Fairclough
Phil Fairclough
Executive Producer
Two Wise Monkeys Entertainment
head shot of Kathleen Finch
Kathleen Finch
Chairman and Chief Content Officer, US Networks Group, Warner Bros. Discovery
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Kathleen French
Kathleen French
SVP, Current Production
NBCUniversal Television and Streaming
head shot of Bryan Gabourie
Bryan Gabourie
SVP, International Sales & Partnerships
Blue Ant Media
head shot of Chip Gaines
Chip Gaines
Chief Creative Officer
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines
Chief Creative Officer
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of David George
David George
ITV America
head shot of Laetitia Giansily-Doyle
Laetitia Giansily-Doyle
Development, Sales & Strategic Partnerships, North America
Terranoa-US Office & GDMC
head shot of Alex Gibney
Alex Gibney
Jigsaw Productions
head shot of Pamela Gimenez
Pamela Gimenez
VP, Current Production
NBCUniversal Television and Streaming
head shot of Nancy Glass
Nancy Glass
Glass Entertainment Group
head shot of Ethan Goldman
Ethan Goldman
Founder & President
Anchor Entertainment
head shot of Alana Goldstein
Alana Goldstein
VP of Development
Crazy Legs Productions
head shot of Jennifer Gordon
Jennifer Gordon
VP Development, TLC
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Sean Gottlieb
Sean Gottlieb
VP, Development & Programming
A+E Networks
head shot of Leslie Greif
Leslie Greif
Big Dreams Entertainment
head shot of Danielle Hammer
Danielle Hammer
head shot of Kate Harrison
Kate Harrison
Cream Productions Inc.
head shot of Lorraine  Haughton Lawson
Lorraine Haughton Lawson
SVP, Programming
Truly Original
head shot of Paul Heaney
Paul Heaney
BossaNova Media
head shot of Sara Helman
Sara Helman
VP, Production & Development, TLC
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Naimah Holmes
Naimah Holmes
Hot Snakes Media
head shot of Valerie Idehen
Valerie Idehen
Director of Unscripted Development
Propagate Content
head shot of Melanie Capacia Johnson
Melanie Capacia Johnson
NEO Studios
head shot of Maria Francesca Johnson
Maria Francesca Johnson
EVP, Content
Anyway Content
head shot of Dane Joseph
Dane Joseph
VP, Unscripted Series
head shot of Marc Kamler
Marc Kamler
Partner, Head of Unscripted Content
A3 Artists Agency
head shot of Nicole Kaye
Nicole Kaye
Sr. Manager, Development
Warner Bros. Discovery (TBS, TNT & Discovery)
head shot of Liza Keckler
Liza Keckler
SVP Alternative & Non Scripted
Archer Gray
head shot of Casey Kelly
Casey Kelly
VP of Development, Unscripted Content
Blue Ant Media
head shot of Gerrit  Kemming
Gerrit Kemming
Managing Director
Quintus Media GmbH
head shot of Carson Kressley
Carson Kressley
head shot of Michael Krupat
Michael Krupat
SVP, Development & Production
Beyond Productions
head shot of Lucy Le Gruiec
Lucy Le Gruiec
Senior Sales & Acquisitions
head shot of Andrew Lessner
Andrew Lessner
Sr. Manager, Development and Production Tentpoles, Events and Live Discovery, TBS, TNT, SCI, APL, Tru
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of B.J. Levin
B.J. Levin
EVP, Non-Fiction Content
AGC Studios
head shot of Blake Levin
Blake Levin
VP, Entertainment Unscripted Development
NBC and Universal Television
head shot of Richard Life
Richard Life
Head of Acquisitions
Cineflix Rights
head shot of Samantha Linton
Samantha Linton
VP Production and Development Global Media
Blue Ant Media
head shot of Joseph Livecchi
Joseph Livecchi
Noble Savages
head shot of Claire Macdonald
Claire Macdonald
SVP & Publisher, Realscreen
Realscreen Magazine
head shot of James Manfull
James Manfull
Commissioning Editor
Blue Ant Media
head shot of Poppy McAlister
Poppy McAlister
Head of Sales and Acquisitions Lead
TVF International
head shot of Sierra McDonald
Sierra McDonald
Manager of Development and Original Programming
head shot of Hayden K. Meyer
Hayden K. Meyer
Agency Partner, EVP, Head of Alternative & Factual Programming, Senior Agent
head shot of J.C. Mills
J.C. Mills
President & Commercial Director
Cineflix Productions
head shot of Kyle Moffatt
Kyle Moffatt
Senior Director of Development
head shot of Angela Molloy
Angela Molloy
VP, Development
head shot of Anne Morrison
Anne Morrison
CEO & Creative Director
head shot of Dave Noll
Dave Noll
Co President
head shot of Nicholas Oakley
Nicholas Oakley
Senior Vice President, Unscripted Development
BBC Studios
head shot of Allison Page
Allison Page
Global President, Magnolia Network
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Alexander Piper
Alexander Piper
Head, Night Studios
Night, Inc
head shot of Ann Pornel
Ann Pornel
head shot of Evan Real
Evan Real
Senior TV Reporter, Page Six
New York Post
head shot of Patrick Reardon
Patrick Reardon
Jupiter Entertainment
head shot of David Rocco
David Rocco
TV Show Host
Rockhead Entertainment
head shot of Jenna Rosa
Jenna Rosa
SVP Development, Entertainment Unscripted Development
head shot of Phil Rosenthal
Phil Rosenthal
head shot of Greg Rubidge
Greg Rubidge
head shot of Jessica Schmiedchen
Jessica Schmiedchen
Director of Development, Unscripted Content
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
head shot of Joseph Schneier
Joseph Schneier
SVP, Production & Development
Warner Bros. Discovery
head shot of Eric Schotz
Eric Schotz
Anvil 1893
head shot of Cecilia Shakerley
Cecilia Shakerley
VP, Development for BBC Studios – Natural History Unit.
BBC Studios
head shot of Evan Shapiro
Evan Shapiro
head shot of Alison Smith
Alison Smith
head shot of Adam Steinman
Adam Steinman
VP, Creative, Format, Development & Sales
Warner Bros. Discovery International Television Production
head shot of Rob Swartz
Rob Swartz
SVP, Development & Production
REELZ Channel
head shot of Liz Tang
Liz Tang
Executive Director, Acquisitions
Fifth Season
head shot of James Townley
James Townley
Global Head of Content Development
Banijay Group
head shot of Amanda Upson
Amanda Upson
Interim Director
head shot of Natalie Vinet
Natalie Vinet
SVP, Global Distribution
Boat Rocker Media
head shot of Barry Walsh
Barry Walsh
Editor-in-Chief & Content Director
Realscreen Magazine
head shot of Rachel Watson-Pass
Rachel Watson-Pass
VP, Program Development
Paramount, Smithsonian Channel
head shot of Philip Webb
Philip Webb
OUTtv Network Inc
head shot of Deborah Williams OBE
Deborah Williams OBE
Executive Director
Creative Diversity Network
head shot of Shawn Witt
Shawn Witt
Leftfield Pictures
head shot of Jin Woo Hwang
Jin Woo Hwang
Executive Producer & President
Something Special
head shot of CJ Yu
Head of Unscripted Development, Global Formats
Amazon Studios | The Culver Studios

Now in its 25th year, Realscreen Summit is the definitive annual global market and conference for the business of unscripted and non-fiction entertainment, bringing together thousands of executives and delegates from around the globe.

The definitive global market and conference for the business of unscripted and non-fiction entertainment.

The internationally-recognized Realscreen Summit returns January 23-26th 2023, with a diverse range of world-class programming including high-level keynote & panel discussions, unique networking opportunities, creative briefs from top buyers, international pitch competitions, an annual Realscreen Awards ceremony and so much more.

Realscreen Summit is the premium destination for unscripted and non-fiction entertainment industry professionals at every level to connect and advance their careers.


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